Wednesday, July 23, 2008

in my defense...

happy birthday, binx!

no tap water endorsed, indeed. since 1997! (dang.)

a friend just pointed this out:
"I was going to comment that I appreciate all the random japanese crap all over your blog.

tsumabuki satoshi is my main man."

Thank you for the appreciation! But to eliminate the risk of being deemed problematic, I really want to make clear that I AM NOT one of those crazies who secretly despise being FILIPINA, and overcompensate by getting my Gwen Stefani on! It's just that my boo, Satoshi, has forced me to career stalk, hence all the doramas. The Aoki story and the song, "Button," posted below are strictly coincidental. I am not trying to appropriate some cultural thangs, nor am I trying to warm up to a specific cultural demographic is alls I'm trying to say.

I mean, if that were my aim, I'd be trying a lot harder. As hard as our friend from rural Pennsylvania, Magibon. Ahem:

I'm sure she's a nice person and all, I just don't know why the hell she's doing what hell she's doing.

things I found out!
  • the world's greatest and strangest online collections! I like the Ouija and toothpaste (which is surprisingly organized) collections best! :)

  • After being repeatedly bitten, J told me that flies vomit where they land. (I didn't know that!) But upon further investigation, it turns out to be just acidic salivating. Oh, good!

  • And so many pirates in Somalia! This must be the seventh reported story from that area in the last 90 days!
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