Monday, May 12, 2008

treat your mother right!

says mr. t!

happy mother's day!

have been hanging out with my mom lots recently. we did a run/walk together. afterwards, we went to the MoMA to check out he last week of the Design of the Elastic Mind exhibit. There were some amazing things on display, but the actual show was CLUTTERED as hell! it almost looked like someone's basement tidied up as a result. Still, there were some amazing innovations like solar prompted water purifiers, and cloth lamps (yes! cloth! sadly, i can't find a picture online!) my faves included the iwantyoutowantme project and the over photographed medical device which trained bees to distinguish various bodily maladies with your breath.

also, haven't heard a lot about the olaf eliasson much, especially in the shadows of other shows, but don't sleep on it! i mean, especially if you enjoy spatial logic, symmetry, and clean lines. there is a hallway lined with yellow lights, which make the world look black and white. that alone is worthwhile to see. my mom and i were fans. so much so that we used our ticket stub for free entry into PS1 later in the afternoon, to see the rest of the show in queens.

before we left, i took my mom for this famous treat:

man. she loved chicken and rice! i took her to sit at my secret seating spot. i will not tell you where that is. some things are still sacred.

After we finished up at PS1, I took my mom over to 5points due to its proximity to the museum. Who knew I'd ever be there with my mother? I did not. I wanted to climb the fire escape, but no. That didn't happen.

for mom's day, the sister and her boyfiend visited. he is very tall, and part malaysian. the goal was to determine whether our fave malaysian spot was authentic. the verdict: yes it was! then we headed over to see murakami at BMA. enjoyed watching the film reel. mama liked it, despite the embedded sexuality and poop humor. she mentioned clean lines. she laughed at the room lined with the splatted canvasses entitled "Cream," because they also housed these.

I guess I'm lucky the woman has a sense of humor.

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