Wednesday, May 28, 2008

and i do love this...

the steampunkiness of this all, and its accompanying fiction! and i say yes.

on a GORGEOUS thursday, i wore a dress and got lost on my way to the brooklyn ferry docks where we found the telectroscope. it was really fun to see people in coats standing outside with the london bridge as their backdrop, looking at new yorkers in sunglasses and exposed extremities. met s there, and h followed shortly after.

because it was so beautiful out, we decided to head back to manhattan on foot via the brooklyn bridge. none of us had ever walked it, and we didn't anticipate that the walk was shorter than we expected. with the speeding cyclists and plain rude people trying to exercise privilege over territory, we ran into k in all his powerwalking glory! turns out, he wakes up at 5 am daily to walk to midtown from BK in the name of getting fit. omg, good for you! :)

we then headed to c's first documentary film screening. seen:

so many touching character stories; all amazing work! c even allowed me to do some voice over work for the final product, HAAAAY!

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