Friday, April 11, 2008

what a good week to be me!

a gift idea for my dear friend, helene:

for she has many doors, and is in need of much gold.

things about last night:
twas a great show! thanks for listening.
i apparently know a lot of people.
filipino "tapas" is overpriced.
i owe ray $10.
i <3 cat and carmela.
sandy is back from london! <3
i use google reader the way some people use tumblr.

i love lists:
50 Best Comedy Sketches
Unfortunate Ads
Natural Phenomena!
Weird Scholarly Papers

things i've loved along the way:

  • do the right thing
    in the middle of the movie, i was told by my parents that i wasn't allowed to watch it.

  • floating signs series!

  • this cute lil boy!

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    1. omg, if you get me the doorstopper, i'll get you this: