Wednesday, April 2, 2008


random shower! Hurrah!

Apple Is Fascist. You can’t build a Mac easily, and you can’t really customize them, either -- not unless you want to invalidate your warranty. They’re like fancy sports cars run on a single computer chip, fixable only at your dealer for a set price. Hacking a Mac feels like rape to fanboys, and it can be done, but with a trip to Fry’s Electronics and a little lunch money in the PC world you can basically soup up your own Windows roadster. That’s not appealing to most people -- but there are amazing things you can do on PCs with homemade software that usually isn’t OS X-compatible whatsoever. Waiting for a Mac patch of a file-sharing program, cell phone patcher, or whatever your freedom-cherishing heart desires can feel like exile. Sure, Macs have fewer viruses, worms, and crapware -- but they also have expensive, difficult-to-mod machines that become obsolete in a few short years. The same thing happens to PCs, too. And they're cheaper.

and other reasons why PCs are still dominant

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