Sunday, April 13, 2008


I am quite invested in the idea that the first trip I make to South America will land me in glorious Brazil. Why? Well. The draw of Carneval is the stickiest, that fact coupled with my birthday always landing right around that time just means something has go to give and send me to Rio!

Also, the one thing I need to see before I die are the slat flats of Uyuni in Bolivia. Therefore, when I finally do make down there, I want to extend my trip and travel between the two points to hit all the experiences I want. Because the internet makes it so easy to dream when broke as hell, the googling began.

Now, despite the nerdy things I LOVE, I assure you that there is an extremely adventurous (yet calculated) side to me.

I found the lovely town of Florianopolis, or Floripa to the locals, which is located on the Southeast tip of Brazil.

Let me further preface this entry further by saying that on facebook, I'm currently ranked third amongst my friends in the World Geography Challenge application! Therefore, I know a tad more about Brazil's placement now than last month.

Quick hater moment, while the Florianopolis Hotel is tastefully decorated and probably THISCLOSE to the actual shore, I must say that I really hate when people go on vacation, and just stay inside the damn hotel. (I had this one friend who was on her way to Tahiti, or some other ridiculously gorgeous place, and she was trying to showboat by showing me the stock photos of her resort.) While accommodations sure are a big part of this all, seeing nothing is NOT my type of getaway. Unless you're tacky, because hell, I can sit around at home. Without pants on. For free. Get the point?

Anyway, so I was really glad to see that there are these amazing activity/extreme sports adventures offered by these places. I mean, they even seem to have a surfing scene that would make any North Shore Hawaiian jealous. Anyway, point is I might as well partake in all of that where it is pretty, eh? EH? EH?


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