Tuesday, April 15, 2008

backwards ass stupids.

As a smart person who has also developed spatial logic and reasoning skills, who can also adequately articulate ideas, abstract concepts, and immediate emotions, I hate teh stupids!!!!!!!! Especially the frantically stupids! (THEY ARE THE WORST KIND!)

I am thinking of a particular stupid who doesn't know how to debate without wanting to cry at the end, who actually agrees with you, but just wants to argue anyway, who is subjective as hell, and plain condescending while taking shit personally. ALL THE DAMN TIME. Those who fit this category tend to think he or she is a hopscotching gem of brilliance, but alas, negatory! I understand that in a show of dominance, people will just always want to muscle and flex on smarty. It's that "American" thing. This is why the world hates me by default. Thanks, stupids! <3

These folks usually "out" themselves with some ignorant ass comment pillowed by the words "i personally feel..." and has internalized that it is his or her "patriotic duty/moral obligation" to convert you into buying the fucking uniform softball warm ups for his or her "House of WTF." By the end of some 15 minute circular proselytizing monologue about some mundane (race, gender, class) theory shit that is so basic101 (that you don't even think about that shit anymore, you already have stances and defaults) this dumbass is three feet from your face, telling you about your life and how you don't know shit about X, Y, Z, when you live X, Y, Z and s/he is all in a hufflepuff wondering why you're conserving energy for the chewing that will accompany the consumption of a bag Cheetos instead of engaging him/her. When they realize that, that's when they'll be at their SALTIEST with you.

A note to all the future es-stupids I will come across: don't impose your ignorance on me, you crazy person!

(I guess this is actually numerous dislikes. But that's fine.)

Catherine. Back me up here.

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  1. The stupids seem to exist for only two reasons: (1) to serve as intellectual target practice, and (2)to piss off people who know what they are talking about. These are people who sold a single item on ebay and are consequently masters of economics.

    Unfortunately, they outnumber us at a crazy rate, and as the collective knowledge of a society has a direct effect on its survival, we have only two choices: (1) educate them, or (2) kill them.

    Perhaps the best we can hope for is the zombies to eat them first.