Sunday, March 30, 2008

on chaddah bay biscuits and friendship.

Yes, hi! A. took me to Red Lobster as a belated bday gift. I had never been, and she wanted to introduce me to delicious that is the chain's signature biscuit. I will say that I ate about six. A. also insisted that I try the "Lobster Lover's Dream," or whatever it was called, which was really several meals in the guise of a dinner for one sitting/person. The butter and starch of the "cheddaaaah bay" filled me up quickly, and left me with the rather large doggy bag you see above.

A. is really one of my fave people. I am happy that she is fond of me, and thinks that I am a kind person. I met her through an ex of mine and I'm glad that in the fray, she and I have been able to maintain a friendship that is RedLobster-able. Sometimes, I just need to be around people who will teach me how to eat the green part of the lobster, and will have the same qualms about crowds and life , oh! and enjoys the meticulousness of crafting ....all so unapologetically. What a good friend; thank you for continuing to choose me. <3

Then, I spent some time at Bluestockings where I sat down and sent out MANY emails and ran into EVERYONE I knew. It's nice not to be a pariah. Also, not the person no one really cares to understand. I am happy knowing that I am good to people, as evidenced by the people invested in me. What a nice thought...


  1. The biscuits are the only reason I go to red lobster. I usually end up ordering the smallest meal possible, but eat 2 baskets of biscuit in the mean time. Totally worth the clogged arteries.

  2. thanks for the link. i guess i'll never live that moment down, even though i wasn't the one who said it originally!