Wednesday, March 12, 2008

checking in

Wednesdays are my big day off. After completing half of my midterms, I welcome this particular Wednesday. Today: thrifting and the museum with a sister and our mother. This is a celebration.

The other day, H and I got in to a convo about love.
In class yesterday, I was in a convo about attraction being different from gender identity; that to assume one's gender is defined merely by whom we are attracted to, grossly underestimates the capacities of gender identity, and limits us to a rubric designed to evaluate and blur the line between sexuality and gender identity, when both are very different concepts (that is a quote from my paper. HA!)

Just based on my gut reaction, I have been in love the following times:
Once with A
once with B
and I would say, the last with E.
This realization has changed my world.

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  1. Haaaaaaaaaaay!

    I was talking to someone about gay marriage one time, and he said he didn't think it was right because it seemed "more about sex than anything else." Last I checked, you don't marry someone just because you wanna have sex with them.

    Gender and sexuality are completely separated, though. Reading this has kinda made me realize how much weight sexuality plays in terms of masculinity is concerned. ie. if you're gay, you can't be masculine (insert wimpy flamboyant gay man stereotype here) and if you're sexually promiscuous, you're perceived as more masculine in most men's minds.

    I'll tell you this, though, my cousin is gay, he's short, and he's skinny, but damnit if he can't kick the living crap out of someone if need be.

    What class is this, btw? It seems pretty interesting.

    Also, on the love tip: I've only been in love in love once, but I just read an email from a girl on this dating site I'm on, and I'm getting that warm fuzzy feeling I got when I first met Shannon. So, we'll see how that goes.

    Glad to hear you're doing well, though! If you get a line on some SX-70 film, let me know so I can get a couple packs, too!