Thursday, March 13, 2008


when peeling an orange, i am not the best at the first attempt to break into it.
to get to the morsels, it usually takes me a couple of tries. genetics sealed those things tightly!

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  1. My tips for peeling an orange:

    1. Place on a table top, and gently roll the orange between your palm and the top of the table. This, apparently, loosens the pith.

    2. Use a paper towel and dig in around the upper side area of the orange (approx 45 degrees latitude north). The paper towel will help prevent your fingernails from turning orange, and will help protect the inside of the fruit from fingernail damage.

    3. Dig under the peel with the heel of your palm facing the fruit, and your fingernails curled inward towards your palm. Tear peel away with gentle wrist action.

    4. Tadaaa!