Tuesday, February 5, 2008

getting bizzay: be forewarned

after being all about my dolo ways, i decided it was time to start seeing folks again. i mean, one can't be a hermit too too long, right? besides, i love many people who love me back, it's the new year, and i have incredible outerwear meant for an audience.

my auntie shiela recently hooked me up with a tasty digital camera! (i didn't have one for a while, so this is an unexpected treat!) it has some video ability, so while helene made me promise that i would NEVAR vlog, i do have some plans for showcasing some things on a youtube channel. curious of what's to come? well, be patient! :)

anyway, with all that exposition, do get ready, for this is a pictures post.

my lovely and talented friends! BEGIN!
AWP held its conference in NYC. helene came over because she's on the east coast every other week, so why break the pattern just because it's the new year? this is the day i introduced her to the BEST chicken and rice cart EVAR. we ate a lot of poultry that day, which i assume would make the reader understand this gesture: the improv monocle.

i bought too many books at AWP. egads! anyway, i tagged along to an event where asian-american poets drank vodka distilled by diamonds earlier in the night. therefore, armed with darkness, people we know decided to reinact the fiona apple "criminal" music video, as we were in a chelsea bar with a weird fakeyouout cabin inside. but omg, joseph is always the winner of "best dressed" in teh high school superlatives. seen:

when i bought his book, he totally wrote the cutest, most positive message when i asked him to pen it. i am a fan of this man.

please note that i do not fully yet understand the following:
1) why people are all about the alchemist
2) glow in the dark sunglasses
3) how to use my camera

so, please excuse the blur on some of these photos.

but instead fretting over all of that, we celebrated our company with the best chicken on the block. luckily, corinne was available to partake in the festivities! (i think i was the only person who ate the onion rings... i was with french fry people.) we caught up with some of the usual storyswaps: how busy we both are, how a visit to the bay makes us want to move there and find love, or how nyc is home but tiring. alas! CHICKEN!

also recently had the chance to hang out with a fave, kourtney. as always, a long talk about boys ensued. cause for this date? well, her bday was the night before, and i wanted to see the kara walker show before it ended. we got there on the last day, bought hot dogs and a peach snapple while waiting on a ridiculously long looking line. when i returned with the bounty of meat and buns, k informed me that she was given an entrance sticker, and i found one on an ashtray shortly after. what does that mean? well, FREE ADMISSION! so, we just slinked on in and spent close to 2 hours with walker's work! oh, naughty children!



hey y'all! we's adults! the proof is in the pudding.
i don't recall visiting the Whitney as often in my childhood, versus the Met or MoMA. while " My Complement, My Enemy, My Oppressor, My Love" was STRIKING and dense and loaded with social commentary, the rest of the whitney's perm collection seemed weak. They had a little room full of Calder's work (which i'm only familiar with because there are 2 public works of the Calder lineage living on Ben Franklin Parkway in Philly) buuuuut....yeh. val was right, the 3rd floor was the place to be. i just loved the many mediums walker used! and kourtney was the perfect person with whom to see this show, as she maored n artsomething in her undergrad... omg, she mah dream date! onward: got some books for a cousin i never met via "discount," then had dinner at a diner where we split a huge baby spinach salad and completed discussions about love interests, ABC's Lost, and the women in our lives who hate us and/or find us unpleasant.

similarly, i've yet to see this at lever house. i am sure it closes soon.

weekend also consisted of the typical FiRE meeting at the local and convenient haunt where everyone volunteers! we are slowly, but steadily growing! so, please, meet my ladies (old AND new) again! i've provided a picture below of what it looks like to be in the midst of a reflective, well-informed discussion pertaining to the maintenance of a volunteer run organization (AKA. 'how FiRE rolls'):

and then to bagsak a good meeting, they smoked through the looking glass, while i took pix:

we went to lynda's housewarming in bk, despite how difficult it was for us to pry ourselves from the return of American Gladiators. we were greeted by her well decorated apartment, and some great f00dz. so, after an empanada, i took a pic of two of my faves:

feeling behind in life and work, i decided to commit some time into FiRE tasks. i made these last night for the biggest deal in our organization's history...FiRE's All-Filipina showcase DIWANG PINAY! I used my new supecute screen printer from Japan, which while having many specialzed parts, is much more convenient than all those silkscreening supplies. (yes, I paid the extra shipping and it got here in 2 days, and the total as still less than what i would have paid had i bought a system in the U.S.!) so, as son as it got here, i really couldn't wait to use it. i sweat it hard..it's also way cheaper materials-wise than color printing!


expect some thangs soon! :)

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