Sunday, February 10, 2008

7,200 bananas

I plan to see the below. I really hope that one of my artsy inclined friends will come through. I just like artsy things more that way. It's very late, and Soul Train is on. My sleeping pattern is a bit off, and everything feels slightly skewed. I think my laptop keyboard is a little funny.

Stefan Sagmeister's works are on display @ Deitch in NYC, January 31, 2008 -- February 23, 2008 @ 76 Grand Street, New York.

Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far, an interactive exhibition by Stefan Sagmeister, opens at Deitch Projects on January 31, 2008. The exhibition will include works that have a life of their own, transforming throughout the exhibition as viewers engage with them. Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far is timed to coincide with the release of a new book of the same title, which surveys Sagmeister's illustrious career.

So, yeh, ok, I know. Bananas? I just want to see the rot live! I mean, I already missed the Hirst show. I figure this is a less scary kind of dead. I have a very long to-do list, folks. Dang. Being addicted to greader and gnotebook has been somewhat awful for the sleeping...I mean everything I see and read can be a future design or jeopardy question!

Tangentially, here is a clip of the SUmmer Deisel show that's been floating around since last year. It reminds me of that scene in Macross Plus during the Sharon Apple concert. Compare:

skip to around 5mins...or whenever the fish start whirling around.

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