Thursday, January 24, 2008


with THREE engagements since the new year, man, I was convinced that I just hit that time in my life when EVERYONEWEKNOW was getting hitched and splitting bank accounts. however, it seems that many of my friends have bypassed the weddingwants, and are now off to the baby craze.

yes, as in, "i want a baby tomorrow. GIMMEGIMME GIMME Coochicoochiechooochoochoo!"
yes, those kinds of feelings.

i knwo that part of why i find it 1/2mortifying is just the hopskips in temporality. ok, fine. the other half is i don't want my own kids. (well, ok. at least for now. i'm open to the idea in the future. why have i overexplained this? because i don't want my babychild finding this blog entry's cache when s/he is an angsty teen, prompting an argument with "proof" that i do not love her/him. yeah, i know how that age group works..) and not wanting my own kids when everyone else seems to be all boutitboutit, makes me question if i am "behind." whatever that may meand to you.

so, anyway, i've gone ahead and made plans to be the best rich auntie in the history of 4evs. that, i can do. please know that i will buy your child learning toys and college scholarship building funds.

unrelated to this post:
i was over at R and V's last night, and i offered JASMINTS to folks, and R thought I was trying to slip him some e (uhm, ecstacy.) he said it's happened before. R, THOSE PEOPLE ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS! :(

guilty pleasure:

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  1. Herhey's just announced today that they're suspending production of Ice Breaker's mints because they look too much like illegal street drugs.