Thursday, January 10, 2008

next time i'm in the bay, i'm gona watch a 'speak out' taping.

ya' heard. not to mention, like...all the ppl i know from the bay are in these clips. hahahaha.

so interesting! the concept of "real filipino"s. i would relaly liek to see how different my experience is being from the east coast. val tells me all the time, thatin the bay, there are just straight up pinoy folks everywhere, and seeing anyone else who wasn't pinoy was a novelty.

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  1. hi hanalei!

    yeah i really should go to one too when i go back home to the bay (i go to school in san diego). hmm.. but i wish there were hella filipinos where i live(d).

    hope you're doing well! happy new year(ish)!